How to start a website from A-Z: A 5 step guide

Heres a short five-step guide on how to get started and there’s no time to start than in the present, so let’s get things moving!!



According to the statistics carried out by internet marketers, over 3 billion people across the world make use of the internet for one reason or the other. For the fact that more people now have easy access to mobile devices, everybody seems more addicted to the internet. In this wise, if your business is yet to occupy a space on the internet, you probably may not know you are missing a lot, or you don’t want people to know about you, and this will make you lose potential customers. It is essential you set up at least a mini website for your business.

Online business website

With a website, you will be able to sell and promote your business online; you will be able to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry and at the same time generating leads for your business even with a little budget. If you don’t know how to set one up, get a web programmer who will help you set it up, or you follow the step by step guide, we will be explaining, and in no time you are a website owner already.

Start a website with these five steps

Let’s discuss a list of five simple steps required for you to set up your website. They are self-explained if you can give it the right attention.

  • Define your audience
  • Design your business site yourself or get someone to help you with it
  • Upload quality contents
  • Sell on your website
  • Do SEO to make it popular

Define your audience: there is no doubt you have decided to get a website, but you need to set it up for people who will be interested in your business. You can’t be selling a product and expect people who need legal advice to patronize you that is why you need to make a website that will be appreciated by people who needs what you are promoting. Then you need to pick a catchy domain name suitable for your business. Let your domain name represent your brand, and don’t rush into getting a name. Take your time to get one because you need a name that will represent your brand. Note that most people love to have a .com domain name unfortunately as there are over 3 billion web users you may not be able to get a .com name available for your business that is why you either look for another title or choose from any of the new extensions available at your disposal.


Design your business site yourself or get someone to help you with it: now that you know building a website will go a long way in helping your business or services grow. Now you need to either start the design yourself or get a web developer to do it for you. But before you begin the plan, you need a hosting company that will allow you to keep your design and update your domain. In other, for you to understand what we mean by hosting, consider your website is your house, your area is your street address, and the plot of land you erected your home is the hosting plan. Be careful when choosing a hosting company, because this is what will determine the performance of your website. One of the best hosting companies with a good reputation is; they are reliable and have the following qualities, proper storage, good bandwidth, scalability, and so on.

Upload quality contents: for whatever reason or task you want visitors to perform on your website, you need to upload compelling contents that will make them act fast so that they can give you a try. Well, a structured word with catchy images is one of the reasons why buyers would love to stay back and spend time on your website. There are five core pages you need to a reasonable standard, the about us page, the testimonials page, the contact us page, the product/services page, and the home page. The first thing that visitors always love to do when they visit a website visits all these pages; it lets them have enough information on what the site is all about before they can surrender their trust.

create best visual content

Sell on your website: an excellent way to make money without the need for brick and mortal outlet is to sell on a site. It’s so exciting that you don’t need to worry about foot nor automobile traffic before you can sell your goods. The whole world will have easy access to your site mainly if it’s an e-commerce website you stand to get a lot of traffic as you promote your websites. Upload compelling images that will let your buyers feel interested and be glad to contact you for your service.

Do SEO to make it accessible: since you now have a website of your choice and everything is in place, the most significant challenge you are likely going to have is traffic that is why you need SEO. SEO means search engine optimization. Search engines like Google and bing come to play here; you will need to apply the basic principles of search engine optimization before you can become popular or found online. But the beauty of it all is that you have created contents already, this has given you an edge and made things easier. The help of keywords is one of the reasons why search engines will quickly index your website for ranking; with this process, you will have access to free traffic mainly if you do local SEO when people within your locality can quickly come to your office for business. You may not be able to exercise the requires patience when it comes to doing SEO that is why you can opt for paid advert so that can help you reach your buyers while you continue with your SEO.


With all these efforts put together, you are sure of achieving your dream website. Remember that you don’t have to relax and believe designing a website is the end of all. You can as well promote your website online too.