Heres a short how-to link build guide for anyone starting out, it’s one thing to have content plus SEO but then you must have related links from authoritative sites linking to your site, and search engines love this!!

Link building

We are very sure you will find this guide interesting whether you are new to link building or already a link building guru. For a very long time ago, people have always involved themselves one way or the other in link building. The reason they take it as a priority is that it is a relevant way of building a link as it helps search engine see the significance of the website even as the importance of building links has never been higher. As a website owner, it is essential that you understand and as well implement high-quality campaigns if you are looking to compete and thrive online. This guide is written to help you offload the SEO burden on your neck and get you going immediately.


The first thing you need to know and understand is that link building is of two sides of a coin, there is the right way of building links, and there are wrong ways of doing it too. The right one which is the best way of building link is to do manual or natural link building, which means you will have to be manually building links instead of buying them or achieving them through different steps of manipulations. Manipulating things (black hat SEO) to rank will only get your site banned by from search results, so it is not advisable, and we will not be talking about it.

However, the natural and manual system of building link is difficult and time-consuming. Note that not all links are created equally, for example, if you can get a link from Wall Street Journal, it will help rank your website on SERP than a link from a newly built website that is why higher links are hard to come by.   This article will teach you the best way to build links that will improve your organic rankings without violating Google policies.

Why link building is essential for SEO

why link building is essential for seo

Link building is compulsory because it is what Google looks at before they rank web pages. Google is of the notion that webmasters can improve their site’s ranking if only they can increase the number of high-quality sites that link to their web pages. For example, if two different web pages are trying to rank for one keyword, Google will only consider and rank one page over the other if they realize that one particular webpage has more popularity.

How to get links from other sites and how they can link back to you

Webmasters have a different way of trying to get links to their websites depending on your level of expertise. Here is a list of things to do to get links from other sites.

Content promotion: the most crucial part of this point is first to create unique, high-quality content that people would love to link to, and tell people about it naturally. It is essential that you spread it among people before you can expect people to see the value in it and want to link back to it.

Reviews & Mentions: this will require that you put your business or products on great blogs in your niche or connect with people who manage popular social media groups or platforms.

how to get links from other sites
Get links from friends and partners: you can do this manually by approaching your friends and partners to link to your site. But before doing this remember that getting links from websites that is in the same niche with you will bring more popularity to your site than linking to sites that are not of the same niche with you.

Building links internally

Internal link building is the most robust system of building links; unfortunately, most people don’t take it seriously because they believe in getting links from high authority sites.

Anchor text: one important thing that catches the attention of search engines is the actual text linking back to your page.

Strength of the link page:  another important factor we need to consider is how powerful is the page sending the link. Search engines consider pages with a high-quality count in boosting a site.

Page the link is aiming at: what this point is trying to explain is that whenever people talk about your website, they would always want to link to your home page. In this wise, Things become complicated for individual pages looking to compete and achieve high rankings with you.

All the reasons mentioned above are things we are capable of controlling because they are within our reach.

Internal link building tools

Building internal link building can is achievable in the following few steps, and the following explanations are the best way to do it better.

Keyword research: At this stage, you need to make use of a keyword research tool, it will help you get enough keyword suggestions that are relevant and popular with the number of visitors that makes use of it monthly.


Include a keyword in contents: here you need to include your keywords in your contents strategically by creating search-friendly information architecture.

Link pages targeted anchor text: the next step is to add your researched keyword to your to intelligent interlinking, you do this by simply adding your researched keyword to your contents.

Create an internal SEO Link Building

In other, for you to do this, you will need to map the keywords you are aiming to target the logical places of your site. For example, if we have three pages on our website that we want to site as examples.

Since link building page is the best fit for our SEO keyword, we will make sure we align that keyword with that page

Note that all the explanations we have made about Link Building are right for you, at the same time Link Building requires a lot of commitment and time before you can rank high in the search engines.