Disability Support Services at Frostburg State University

Frostburg State University’s Disability Support Services promotes inclusion, equity, and student
autonomy through programming and services. The program helps students achieve
independence, self-advocacy, knowledge, and self-awareness. Collaboration between the DSS
on campus and its partners will benefit students with disabilities. The university is committed in
ensuring accessibility to all its programs and facilities, and complying with disability-related
The DSS office offers many services for students with disabilities. The office strives for equal
access and adheres the Americans with Disabilities Act (90). Students who require reasonable
accommodations must identify their condition and advocate for their needs. They must also be
willing to engage advocacy activities, such as submitting a written request. These services assist
students in becoming more productive and home care services melbourne members the society.
The DSS office will collect required documentation and provide accommodation to facilitate the
process. Intake meetings can take place in person or online. The documentation should be
signed by a licensed professional. An IEP from high school or a 504 plan will not suffice. It is
best to register for disability support services as soon possible. It is recommended you notify the
DSS office before the first quarter begins.
The DSS office will provide accommodations and other resources to help students who have
disabilities succeed in college. A student-led club called “Abilities Beyond Limitation through
education” will increase campus awareness about disability issues and award campus leaders.
The Disability Support Services department also offers job-related skill training, and employment
preparation. All of these services can be used to help students at WJU achieve their academic
goals. It is important to remember the DSS Office is there to assist students with disabilities and
not judge them.
A student with documented disabilities can apply for academic accommodations from Disability
Support Services. To receive services, students must present the appropriate documentation.
For more information, please visit the DSS Documentation Page. If you meet these
qualifications, the office will be happy to assist. If you’re unable to meet these requirements, the
DSS will provide you with reasonable accommodations. This will ensure that you receive equal
access to your education.
The Disability Support Services office will assist students in documenting their disabilities and
providing the resources they need for their educational goals. It will also serve as a liaison
between students’ faculty advisors, staff members and outside referral agencies. All students
with documented disabilities must meet with the DSS director at minimum twice a semester.
Getting in touch with the DSS office early in the enrollment process is crucial because
accommodations are based on your disability. Face-to-face meetings will allow you to make an
appointment on Friday.
There are many different types of disabilities. Some disabilities are obvious and easily visible,
such as wearing a wheelchair, cane or hearing aid. Others, however, are invisible, such as
psychological and chronic illnesses. There are services available to assist people with invisible

and visible disabilities. These services are essential to meeting a person’s needs and advancing
in his or her career. By partnering up with the Student Accessibility Office you can get
accommodations that will help achieve your educational goals.
Disability can impact all aspects of campus life. The Disability Support Services office at HNU
ensures that academic policies and residential programming are inclusive of students with
disabilities. It also aims at increasing awareness of disability issues, and a better understanding
of the needs for all students. The DSS office can help you access a classroom or provide
accommodations for exams. All information provided by DSS is confidential.
DSS students new to the program can register for Fall 2022 classes with priority registration on
April 25/26. To enroll, new students must submit documentation of disability to the DSS office by
April 21. Priority registration for Spring 2023 classes will be granted to those who meet the
criteria. This will also allow them to register for fall 2022. The DSS office has expanded its office
hours and services so that you can meet with a counselor on your own schedule. There are now
remote and in-person DSS offices.